Chinese Government has put restriction on the nation’s internet and has blocked several social networking sites that include Facebook. If you are travelling to China and want to keep connected to Facebook, here are 4 simple ways to easily do so.

Change the VPN: Virtual Private Network is a cipher converted connection to the distant server allowing internet access, despite of restrictive firewalls. However, VPNs are not free. A few VPNs although provide free service for the initial months. So, if you are visiting China for a few months, you can avail the free services to use Facebook in China.

Steps Of Changing The System VPN

• Choose a VPN service, which fits your requirements. Check the VPN if it works in China. Chinese Government has blocked a good number of proxy servers. So, make sure, the one you have chosen, runs in China.

• Download the necessary software to proceed with the VPN.

• Get connected to your VPN.

• Go and login to your account.

Secure Proxies: This is an excellent service in China; best option for the travelers. You can use the free trial service offered by Proxy Center. Once the free trial is over, you can subscribe to the paid service, as this one is really fast in China. However, you can use Facebook, YouTube as well as Twitter from the free trial period only. This secure web proxy service is really fast to share pictures and videos. You can use this in Pakistan, Dubai, Vietnam, Turkey and Iran, where internet rules are strict over Facebook.

The Service Center Team of China Proxy Center is prompt and extremely helpful. You get instant replies to your queries. The internet speed is fast. Users even do not realize that they are using a proxy.

Free Proxies: You got to be really lucky to manage to get a free proxy running for you in China. Free proxies in China are extremely slow, and shut down at the speed of light. Also there is no support team available to assist you while using free proxies. However, "something is better than nothing". If you are not getting any other way of logging to your Facebook account, you can try this as your last resort.

TOR Browser: TOR (The Onion Router) is one of the easiest ways to browse internet anonymously. It disguises the user's identity by shifting the traffic across multiple TOR servers. It encrypts the traffic so that the user cannot be traced. If anyone tries to trace the user, he will only find traffic coming from anonymous TOR network nodes. The user's device will not be traced. A good number of people use this service to surf internet anonymously in China. However, Chinese Government has controlled TOR network across the nation, and hence it is a little difficult to avail this service to access Facebook in China. You can always keep this option handy with you, and use it wherever it is found to be working.

Now, you are ready with all the 4 options in your hand. Explore the exotic country China and keep connected to your friends via Facebook. Upload photos and videos of your tour and share your memorable trip with your friends and folks.